Take Action: Ask your representative to oppose school trust land exchange legislation

Superior National Forest picnic site

Superior National Forest picnic site

The lakes and forests of northern Minnesota need your voice right now.

Legislation to be considered next week would remove vast areas from the Superior National Forest. Please take two minutes to call your U.S. Representative today.

Click here to find your Representative’s phone number.

Ask your Representative to oppose Rep. Chip Cravaack’s bill H.R. 5544, the Minnesota Education Investment and Employment Act, which would push through a transfer of National Forest lands to management by the state of Minnesota.

If the land exchange goes through, the state would place these lands in a special category mandating intensive management. Existing access for hunting, fishing, camping and many other uses would be limited or eliminated.

Because the lands targeted for transfer to the state would be high priorities for sulfide mining companies, this bill would almost certainly lead to even more intense mining activity in the heart of northern Minnesota and at the edge of the Boundary Waters.

A working group formed by the Minnesota legislature was making good progress on finding a solution to the issue of these lands until Rep. Cravaack circumvented the process and introduced this legislation. This is an issue that should and can be resolved at the state level, but we will not get the chance to pursue a balanced solution if H.R. 5544 passes.

Please call your Representative right now and ask them to oppose this legislation. Visit this link to find your Representative’s contact information: http://www.house.gov/representatives/

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