Gov. Dayton strongly opposed to mining near BWCAW

The following is a statement from Paul Danicic, Executive Director of Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness in response to Governor Dayton’s letter below.

DULUTH, MINNESOTA — Monday afternoon, Governor Dayton released a letter sent to the COO of Twin Metals Minnesota informing him of his “strong opposition” to any mining in close proximity to the Boundary Waters Wilderness. Governor Dayton’s position is that the BWCAW is a “crown jewel in Minnesota and a national treasure” that needs to be protected from the inherent risks of sulfide mining pollution. His letter will go down as one of the strongest statements of conservation leadership by a Governor in Minnesota history.

The Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness is deeply appreciative of the leadership of Governor Dayton. His statement about the need to protect the Boundary Waters from the threat posed by mining proposals next to the wilderness was sorely needed.

Minnesotans have raised their voices in concern about the risk of sulfide mining to Minnesota’s waters and precious places. The Governor has long acknowledged that this new kind of mining is different from iron mining and poses different and significant risks. Governor Dayton says he’s “unwilling to take risks” that could damage the Boundary Waters Wilderness and he’s taking action to protect the Boundary Waters from the threat of sulfide mining pollution. Federal authorities should follow suit and permanently protect the Boundary Waters from pollution from sulfide ore mining proposals.

2016 03 07 Twin Metals Letter from Governor Dayton

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