PolyMet: We’ve Only Just Begun


Today, the Minnesota DNR announced that they consider the PolyMet Environmental Impact Statement to be “adequate.” This decision allows PolyMet to apply for state permits. Governor Mark Dayton and all of Minnesota now have to choose – will we permit the most polluting industry in America to destroy thousands of acres of wetlands and leave a polluting mess for our great-great grandchildren? Or will we protect the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior and work for a better, more sustainable future?

Don’t let industry spin confuse you. This decision just marks the beginning of the real debate – what decision we will make. It doesn’t mean that PolyMet is a done deal, and it definitely doesn’t mean it has been “approved.”

We’re using all of the tools at our disposal to ensure that the Boundary Waters and all Minnesota waters are protected from PolyMet’s pollution. We need your help. There are two things you can do today:

  1. Call Governor Dayton to thank him for protecting the Boundary Waters, and that PolyMet would do more harm than good. Governor Dayton deserves thanks for protecting the BWCA from the Twin Metals mine proposal, and for the same reasons he should not issue a permit for PolyMet’s proposed sulfide mine. Do it today – call 800-657-3717 and leave a message.
  2. Help us gear up for the battles yet to come with a contribution. If you can spare a few dollars, we’d appreciate the help.

Seven years ago some people thought PolyMet was a done deal, and yet we are still here fighting to protect the Boundary Waters from the specter of sulfide mining. You made it all possible, and what you do now will determine what decision Minnesota will make on PolyMet.

For the wilderness,

Aaron Klemz
Advocacy Director

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