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Remembering Don Fraser, a Champion of Wilderness

Don Fraser (1924 - 2019) was a politician with rare moral courage. For those of us who love the wilderness and treasure the BWCAW, Fraser will always be remembered as one of the great champions of the Boundary Waters. Despite the enormous political costs, he was instrumental in bringing full wilderness protection to the Boundary Waters. Doing so cost him votes, it probably cost him the Senate seat. But he put his conscience before his career.

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Remembering the Ham Lake Fire

Twelve years ago, the Ham Lake Fire devastated the border region around the Gunflint Trail. Fueled by a dry spring, erratic winds, and tinder from the 1999 blowdown, the fire grew to be one of the largest in Minnesota’s history. For over two weeks the fire burned over 75,000 acres, destroying cabins, businesses, and family residences.

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