MN State Fair 2022

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

People streaming in through the gate of the MN State Fair

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness will be in a prominent location at the 2022 Minnesota State Fair, from August 26 through September 6.

It’s prime camping season, and the Boundary Waters are on many people’s minds right now. Our booth at the fair will be a chance for people to reconnect with the BWCA whether they’ve visited recently, or many years ago. You can meet other like-minded BWCA enthusiasts, find out current information about the fires, and learn about our state’s natural heritage.

  • Practice sustainability: Free reusable sporks (a fork/ spoon combination) you can pick up to cut down on single-use plastic consumption
  • Enter to win: Visitors can enter to win a camping set that includes a tent, two camping chairs and a foldable camp table (Free to enter!)
  • Explore: A wall-sized 8’x12’ map for you to see fire updates, relive past trips and talk about future adventures
  • Share: Use the hashtag #BWCAatTheFair to share a photo of your spork (or yourself) at the fair. You’ll be entered to win a Friends of the Boundary Waters Prize Pack.

We’ll be looking for volunteers – free admission and a chance to talk about the BWCA with other Minnesotans!