Podcast: 25 Tips for a Better Boundary Waters Trip

How could you make your Boundary Waters trip even better? Check out these 25 tips, that cover all aspects of a BWCA canoe trip. You’re sure to learn something new for your next canoe camping experience!

Drawing from his experience of paddling hundreds of days through the Northwoods,  Pete Marshall, Communications Director at Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, shares an informative list for intermediate paddlers to move faster, be more comfortable or just have a richer experience in the BWCA. 

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Pete’s Complete List of 25 Tips and Tricks


On the Friends of the Boundary Waters podcast, we bring together people who share a love of the incredible BWCA wilderness in Northeastern Minnesota. The podcast will features scientists, political figures and experts in outdoor recreation and wilderness skills to help you learn new facets of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, the most visited wilderness in the United States.

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