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Get Involved

Your passion for wild spaces and clean water keeps the Boundary Waters pristine and wild. Here are some ways you can help keep the Boundary Waters wild for this and future generations.

Take Action

Sign petitions, contact your representatives, and let elected officials know the Boundary Waters needs to be saved.

Become A Volunteer

Join our Citizen Action Network and stay on the front lines in defending the wilderness you cherish.

Join A Trail Clearing Expedition

Spend a few days or a week or more clearing trails and shoring up campsites in the Boundary Waters.

Prove It First: Commonsense Protection For The Boundary Waters & Lake Superior

Minnesota is not a Guinea Pig. Before foreign mining companies put a shovel in the ground they need to PROVE they won’t pollute.

Attend An Event

From our Annual Gathering to auctioning off a canoe at a brewery, we host a number events each year that connect people and support the Boundary Waters.

A bearded man with hiking poles stands next to a lake in the BWCA. Text: Friends of the Boundary Waters National Trails Day BWCA Hikes June 3, 2023
| Multiple Locations on Kekekabic Trail

National Trails Day BWCA Hikes

Sign up to join friends, new and old, on National Trails Day for guided hikes to explore sections of the…

Join Our Citizen Action Network

Join a dedicated group of supporters who take action on a number of fronts to protect the Boundary Waters. This includes: writing letters to the editor, calling senators, attending meetings, sharing on social media and more! Signing up is easy and you’ll receive exclusive updates on all the ways you can support clean water legislation and keep the BWCA wild for future generations.

Support Our Work

Your tax-deductible contribution supports various programs, from fighting copper-sulfide mines to bringing underprivileged kids to the BWCAW.