Podcast: Boundary Waters Hiking – Shining Star of North Country Trails

The trails of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area offer endless possibilities, and you’re sure to find a sense of awe and wonder around every corner. And some Boundary Waters trails connect to an even larger network of trails called the North Country Scenic Trail; a footpath stretching over 4,600 miles from the west side of the Missouri river and North Dakota, all the way to the Appalachian trail in Vermont.

On this episode, we’re joined by Matthew Davis NCTA regional trail coordinator, who gives us an overview of how these unique BWCA trails fit into the larger national trail system. Plus – he describes hiking in the BWCA, and how it differs from canoeing.


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On the Friends of the Boundary Waters podcast, we bring together people who share a love of the incredible BWCA wilderness in Northeastern Minnesota. The podcast will features scientists, political figures and experts in outdoor recreation and wilderness skills to help you learn new facets of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, the most visited wilderness in the United States.

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