Podcast: Boundary Waters to Bayou – Mississippi River Journeys

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On this episode of the Big Red Canoe podcast, we’re joined by Devin Brown and Cory Maria Dack to discuss their remarkable paddling journeys down the Mississippi River.

Devin Brown is preparing to become the first Black woman on record to solo kayak the entire length of the Mississippi River, from its source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Her trip planned for 2024 is driven by a dream over a decade in the making – to find healing and connection for self, and to connect with African American history along the Missisippi.

Cory Maria Dack might be Devin’s biggest cheerleader. She has already accomplished the incredible feat of paddling the Mississippi River in a canoe in 2022. And she brings her experience of a relationship with the land, water, and people along the way while increasing representation of diverse identities on the river.

As Devin and Cory share their powerful stories, we learn about their experiences as paddlers and the survival trips of navigating the river and its communal network of River Angels that will help make Devin’s upcoming solo journey a success.

Their conversation touches on themes of healing, nature connection, ancestral history, and being a role model for future generations.

You’ll leave this podcast knowing more about what it takes to travel on such a monumental paddle, the logistics and community support required, and the physical and emotional journeys represented by traversing this iconic American river.

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