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A Call For Transparency and Open Government

The MPCA tried to steamroll science and do a big favor for a polluting industry. When the regulators are cozy with the polluters, it’s up to the people to take action. In an open letter from Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and 30 other organizations, we ask Governor Walz to stay the permits and investigate the MPCA.

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Bad Neighbors: Who Are the Companies Seeking to Open Copper-Sulfide Mines in Minnesota?

PolyMet and Twin Metals, the two companies seeking to open copper-sulfide mines in Minnesota are shell companies controlled by larger corporations: Glencore and Antofagasta, respectively. Who are these corporate citizens? What is their history and how have they conducted business?  A look into the recent history of these companies reveals a long pattern of abuse, pollution, corruption, and misuse of power.

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The creation of BWCAW was mired in controversy. The disputes surrounding the 1978 bill that gave the area full wilderness protection may have died down, but tensions still exists between those who advocate for wilderness for its own sake and those who see an economic opportunity in the land. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the act is a reminder that the wilderness needs friends, it needs people like you to advocate for it.

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