ELY: Conversations with the Friends

Friends Ely Office, 8 E. Sheridan St., Ely, MN

Conversations with the Friends
Second Friday of Each Month

Join us for a monthly discussion on various topics.  We’ll provide tea, hot chocolate, light snacks, and discussion.  We hope these conversations serve as a way to learn, share knowledge, and grow in a communal setting.


December 8: Northland Conversations for Change

We believe that when the younger generation actively participates in the political system, diverse perspectives and innovative ideas will flourish, creating a more inclusive and responsive democracy. Join us for a conversation to help make the seemingly complex political landscape more accessible. From understanding local issues to cultivating effective communication skills with representatives, this event will equip attendees with the tools they need to shape their community’s future including voter registration. Let’s turn your voice into a powerful force for positive change—join us in making democracy truly representative of all!

January 12: Legislative Update

Join Friends’ Policy Director to review recent legislative victories, find out what’s in store for the upcoming legislative sessions and learn about how the Friends is working to protect all of MN waters from copper/sulfide mining.

All ages, backgrounds, and perspectives are encouraged to join. These will be in the evening, the second Friday of every month.