Member Directory

Cecilia Meyerson is a lifelong BWCA fan born and raised in Grand Marais, MN. She now lives with her husband in Tennessee, where she works as a copywriter and makes sure to get in a canoe at least a few times a year.

Louis V. Galdieri ( is a writer and filmmaker based in New York City. His 2013 documentary film “1913 Massacre” ( focused on the toxic legacy of sulfide mining in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He is currently suing the Trump administration as a pro se plaintiff under the Freedom of Information Act for records pertaining to Antofagasta’s mineral leases in Superior National Forest.

Joe Friedrichs is a resident of Grand Marais and host of WTIP’s Boundary Waters Podcast (, a North Shore Community Radio production. He is the author of ‘Her Island: The Story of Quetico's Longest Serving Interior Ranger,’ ( which has recently been published by 10,000 Lakes Publishing.

Lee Vue is a lifelong advocate of the BWCA and the current board secretary for Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness. She is passionate about bringing the voices of underserved communities and communities of color to the intersection of climate, philanthropy and social justice movements.

Dan Pauly is author of the guidebook Exploring the Boundary Waters. He is former chair of the board of the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, and practices intellectual property law.

Pete Marshall is the communications director for Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

A lifelong paddler and river lover, Natalie Warren has canoed the length of the Mississippi River and won first place in the Yukon River Quest in the women’s voyageur division. She is currently a PhD student in the Communication Studies department at the University of Minnesota and lives in Minneapolis with her husband, daughter, and dog.

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