Episode 7: Children’s books of the Boundary Waters and northern Minnesota

The northland has inspired some incredible children’s books that can plant that seed of adventure in a young person’s heart.

We talk to four Minnesota authors and illustrators for a discussion on children’s books related to the Boundary Waters and northern Minnesota. They preview what they have created for the youngest BWCA lovers, and share their own history with the Boundary Waters, and insight into their creative process.

You might discover something for yourself, and learn about books to spark a child’s imagination.


Wes Erwin
Author, Boundary Waters ABC
Book available for purchase on WesErwin.com/ and in select stores. Contact the author for more details.

Polly Carlson-Voiles
Author: Summer of the Wolves, Someone Walks By, Eat Sleep Howl, Summer of the Wolves. Books by the author can be found at: 

Jenny Anderson
Author, 1-2-3 Ice Fishing, 123icefishing.com

Chuck Dayton
Photographer, Secrets of the Loon

There are many other great BWCA kids books as well! Check out Yvonne Pearson’s “Sadie Braves the Wilderness“, and John Owens’s “One Summer Up North”, among many other great titles!



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