The Perils of BWCA Camp Coffee (And How to Do It Right)


Imagine a typical morning in the Boundary Waters.

Photo by Bryan Hansel
Photo by Bryan Hansel

You wake to the soft light of dawn. The mist gently rises off the lake. A lone loon calls to his mate.

water filter boundary waters

You gather water from the lake.

Camp fire BWCA

As you start the fire and wait for the water to boil, you reflect on the previous day.

Photo by Nate Miller
Photo by Nate Miller

You knocked off a couple hard portages.

Photo by Bryan Hansel
Photo by Bryan Hansel

And though you were sore, you paddled through magnificent BWCA lakes, well past sunset.

Pic 8.JPG

After a hefty meal of beans and more beans, you stayed up late telling not-so-good jokes.

Photo by Adam Stanzak
Photo by Adam Stanzak

You’re excited for the day ahead. The water for the coffee is ready. You get out your packet of instant coffee and with one sip, you’re reminded…

Instant coffee is garbage!

Treat yourself to some good coffee on your next trip to the Boundary Waters

Does the hardest part of a Boundary Waters canoe trip involve choking down a cup of deplorable instant coffee in the morning?

There’s a better way.

We’ve partnered with our friends at SK Coffee to deliver the essential camp coffee experience. This box includes everything needed for two people on a 5 day canoeing trip. It was crafted through SK’s expert experience making countless cups of coffee in the BWCA and maximizes quality while minimizing weight/volume.

Featuring a traditional chocolatey coffee, a sweet coffee with light blueberry notes, and fun zesty coffee with a slight piney coolness. Representing the prominent natural aromas found in the Boundary Waters!

  • 3 – 10oz tins full of coffee
  • Collapsable silicone pour over
  • Collapsable hand burr grinder
  • Filters
  • Travel camping bag

With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect gift for the camper and coffee lover in your life. Plus all proceeds go to protecting and preserving the Boundary Waters.

Get some GOOD camp coffee

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